2009 International Study Mission to the UAE: Agenda Highlights

2009 International Study Mission to the UAE:
Abu Dhabi and Dubai

March 4 – 14, 2009

Agenda Highlights

The UAE, specifically Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are two of the most dynamic cities in the world. They both have created economic strategies that transcend their oil-based economies and present lessons in geographic-based, sector development. This mission is one of the first of its kind from the United States to this part of the world. We will examine a number of the issues, successes and challenges found in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Abu Dhabi Corniche
MASDAR Initiative
Abu Dhabi’s MASDAR initiative is looking to the future of energy, with a focus on developing renewable and sustainable energy technologies. MASDAR will be a multi-billion dollar investment in building clean technologies, a “carbon-neutral” city and much more. The initiative recently won the Cleantech Forum’s Clean Tech Leader of the Year award.

Dubai Creek
Ports & Logistics
Dubai has built a major new marine port and is redeveloping its old port complex into the mixed-use Maritime City, comprised of education, commercial and retail space. Also being planned is a massive new airport that will be located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Saadiyat Island Plans
Arts, Culture & Tourism
Abu Dhabi is building a multi-billion dollar complex to become the center of international culture in the Middle East. The complex includes a Louvre, Guggenheim, Maritime Museum, performance hall, and national heritage museum. The delegation will examine the use of arts and culture to spur economic development and to become a major center of tourism.

Dubai Maritime City
Economic Strategy
Dubai created “Strategy 2015,” whose aim is to make Dubai the service center between London and Mumbai. It uses a geographic-based sector strategy to focus on industry development. These sector-specific “cities” include Aviation City, Education City, Healthcare City, Internet City, and Dubai International Finance Centre, among others.

Burj Dubai
The delegation will visit a number of unique buildings and developments as part of an architectural tour. Urban design and innovative architecture are part of the Emirates’ and Dubai’s development strategy, as evidenced by the Burj Al Arab (sailboat) Hotel and man-made island projects.


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