Contour: sharing adventures in outdoor rec

Have you ever performed a stunt so incredible (or foolhardy) on the slopes that you wished you had a camera to tape it?

A young, Seattle-based company, Contour, is manufacturing HD, hands-free video cameras for just this purpose. Earlier in September, the company released the Contour+2, its new helmet mounted video camera. A GPS receiver tracks your location, speed, elevation, and distance when you’re engaged in adventure sports like skiing, mountain biking, or skydiving. All of this information can then be posted to social media sites.

Contour is part of the outdoor recreation sector in Greater Seattle, which includes the likes of REI, K2 Sports, Mountain Safety Research (makers of the Thermarest), and Brooks Sports Inc. All of these companies have an international presence, and so does Contour. Contour’s cameras can be found in countries that include Korea, Canada, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Dubai, Bulgaria, Chile, Venezuela, Italy, and South Africa.

Apple has also announced plans to carry the Contour +2, which is a first in company history. Contour employs 55 people in Seattle.

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