Congratulations to Boeing on reaching 1,000

Where the new year marks a time for new beginnings, oftentimes the end of the year is a time of new records. Such is the case for Boeing. The company welcomed an order that places sales of its new 737 MAX airplane over 1,000 in December,  the first time that over 1,000 orders have been logged for the 737 aircraft family in one year.

Sales of the new 737 MAX airplane topped 1,000 with an order from California-based Aviation Capital Group Corp for 60 737 MAX airplanes.

So far customers of the new 737 MAX  include firms from Indonesia, Norway, Mexico, Singapore, Ireland, Russia and Kuwait in addition to US-based firms. All of these sales have been made in just over a year.

The 737 MAX is Boeing’s newest family of airplanes. Features include a new type of engine designed to decrease fuel burn and CO2 emissions and changes to the airplane’s structural design to make it more aerodynamic.

The 373 MAX will be assembled in Renton, Washington where a new assembly line was built to handle the work.

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