WA ranks high for internet connectivity speed

If you need high speed internet access, check out Washington state.

Not only are we wired for higher speed internet connectivity – 98.7% of the population has access to download speeds greater than 3 Mbps* – but our average 8.5 Mbps download speed is the 9th fastest in the US, according to Akami Technologies’ third quarter “State of the Internet” report.

This is well above the global average 2.8 Mbps connection speed, placing Washington state on par with speeds found in the Netherlands. South Korea claimed the fastest connection speeds of 14.7 Mbps.

Internet connection speed matters to Washington state, where hundreds of firms rely on consistent, high speed internet access to provide services in e-commerce,  traffic information and city services that the public can access online (think applying for permits, scheduling inspections, bill payment). In addition, Greater Seattle’s growing cloud computing sector requires high speed access in order to work effectively for both technology developers and end users.

Source: National Broadband Map maintained by the National Telecommunications & Information Administration

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