The National Journal’s “Back In Business” issue

The National Journal recently released a special edition, the Back In Business issue, which focused on the ways in which grassroots efforts are circumventing the political stalemates that have increasingly polarized the country since at least the mid-90s. The National Journal focused their investigative efforts on 10 key challenges facing the country, which ranged from reviving domestic manufacturing to “disrupting” government. One of the areas of their investigation was Expanding Exports, where they examined five organizations working largely at the grassroots level to increase exports, and the Trade Alliance is very proud to have been chosen (unbeknownst to us) as a finalist in that category.

Our congratulations to the ultimate winner of the category: We Build Green Cities, a public-private partnership in Portland, Oregon that markets that city’s expertise in environmentally sustainable development, and to the other nominees and winners in all categories.


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