Keep up to speed on international Greater Seattle and use our publications to enhance your own materials and presentations. The Trade Alliance provides research and analysis of international issues in Greater Seattle’s regional economy, language material, industry information and more in a variety of formats. Our information is your resource.

International marketing material

Brand the Greater Seattle region and enhance your own international activity. We offer a set of 15 industry brochures that highlight the economic sectors of the region, as well as regional information translated into 18 languages. If you’re looking for some themes for your next international presentation, check out Regional Messages for some suggested speaking points.

International Competitiveness Strategy

Conducted by the Trade Alliance and the Washington Council on International Trade, the Strategy provides the most up-to-date assessment of our state’s international economy, as well as an assessment of the challenges and opportunities to maintaining our global competitiveness.

Journalist Reference Guide

We regularly update our journalist reference guide with story tips to assist journalists who are covering Greater Seattle.


Get to-the-minute information on international trade and investment from a regional perspective through Connections newsletter and the Investment e-newsletter.

Trade Alliance marketing material has been used for regional branding purposes at many international conferences and heads of state visits, including APEC in 1994, the Asian Development Bank’s Annual Meeting in 2001, President Hu Jintao’s visit in 2005 and the U.S. China Initiative on City-Level Economic Cooperation in 2011.