Latin America Roundtable

Sponsored by
Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle

The Latin America Roundtable was set up in 1997, following the Trade Development Alliance-organized business mission to Chile, Argentina and Brazil. At the conclusion of the mission, business leaders who participated in the trip proposed the roundtable as a forum to discuss issues related to doing business in South America. Since 1997, these discussions have featured foreign delegates, as well as local experts and representatives of the business community with niche experience in doing business with Latin America. The Roundtable will primarily focus on Central, South America and the Caribbean, with the exception of Mexico as it is well covered by other local organizations.

By joining the Latin America Roundtable, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive announcements of local programs involving South America
  • Attend local roundtable programs featuring foreign delegates and/or local experts
  • Be part of a core group for the purposes of networking and information sharing

If you are interested in joining the Latin America Roundtable, please contact Samantha Paxton at 206-389-7301.

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