Middle East/GCC Roundtable

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Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle
Associates in Cultural Exchange

There is increasing activity between the Middle East/GCC region and the Greater Seattle region. The Trade Alliance has organized a number of programs dealing with the Middle East/GCC, and Associates in Cultural Exchange has played a leading role in encouraging further exchange between the Greater Seattle region and the Middle East/GCC.

The University of Washington has teamed up with the United Arab Emirates Academy to teach certificate programs in business communications. Other local businesses involved in the Mideast include Boeing, Callison and Microsoft. Clearly, there is an increasing interest in this diverse and dynamic region.

Increasingly, many local individuals and organizations are working in one way or another with the Middle East/GCC. A quarterly meeting will provide all of us a chance to keep each other informed on our activities with this region, provide opportunties to work together and allow us to focus on the Middle East/GCC on a regular basis.

By joining the Middle East/GCC Roundtable, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive announcements of local programs involving the Middle East
  • Attend local roundtable programs featuring foreign delegates and/or local experts
  • Research and investigate trade leads and business opportunities between Greater Seattle and the Mideast/GCC markets
  • Be part of a core group for the purposes of networking and information sharing

If you are interested in joining the Middle East/GCC Roundtable, please contact Sam Kaplan at 206-389-7306.

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