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1200 6th Avenue, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98101
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About SightLife

Founded in 1969, SightLife is the only non-profit global health organization and eye bank solely focused on eliminating corneal blindness in the U.S. and around the world. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, the organization leverages innovative technologies and best business practices to transform lives and unlock life's possibilities for the corneal blind. SightLife works in partnership with surgeons and health organizations in dozens of countries.

Ocular Systems became part of SightLife in 2014. The first company dedicated to processing corneal tissue for endothelial replacement surgeries, Ocular Systems is also an ISO 13485 registered device  manufacturer of the EndoSerter® and EndoSaver®. Together, SightLife and Ocular Systems are the world’s largest provider of corneal transplant tissue, working to make the elimination of treatable corneal blindness a reality. SightLife and its global partners provide over 20,000 corneas for transplant each year. For more information, visit


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