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SSA Marine

Logistics/Distribution, Maritime
1050 SW Spokane St
Seattle, WA 98134
UNITED STATES (Get Directions)

About SSA Marine

SSA Marine is privately owned and operated, built upon the credibility of three generations of the Smith/Hemingway family who first established the Bellingham Stevedoring Company in 1949.

Through the acquisition of stevedoring operations such as Brady Hamilton, Crescent Wharf and Warehouse, Carolina Stevedoring and Ryan-Walsh, SSA Marine is able to draw upon more than a century of experience.

Domestically, SSA Marine has worked steadily to establish productive cargo handling and related operations in every major U.S. shipping region including the West Coast, East Coast, Gulf and several river operations, as well as intermodal rail terminals across the country.

Internationally, SSA Marine has established an impressive global presence with over 120 operations worldwide. Our regional offices and international operations extend throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. SSA Marine provides a full spectrum of services, offering clients flexible and comprehensive industry expertise.

Currently, SSA Marine continues to broaden its reach by developing and upgrading facilities. Our list of services continues to expand with our understanding of the special requirements of our customers.


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