Puget Sound’s Trade and Competitiveness

Living in the Puget Sound area, it is easy to forget that large mountain to the south, so often obscured by clouds and fog. But Mount Rainier stands majestic, whether we see it or not. In the storm of information we receive each day, it is just as easy to forget about the importance of international trade and business to our region and the need to remain competitive. But there it stands also.

Here is a variety of information — an International Trade and Business Kit–a tool we hope you will find useful in reminding ourselves of how tied our region is to international trade and business and of how important it is that we remain attractive in an increasingly competitive world. No region in the United States is more tied to international business and the international economy than the Puget Sound region. Whether you are a banker, barista or barber you are part of the global economy. If one in three jobs is tied to international business then one in three customers of every barber earns his income because of international trade. Our region’s research institutions, universities, small and medium sized businesses, ports and cultural organizations all rely on international connections to remain competitive.

The International Trade and Business Kit contains:

  • A Cover Letter llto public officials on the importance of international business to Puget Sound area businesses.
  • A Fact Sheet providing statistics and background on the many ways Puget Sound is tied to the international economy.
  • Faces of Trade Stories of businesses and institutions positively affected by trade and international engagement
  • Talking Points that can assist in making compelling speeches to organizations and groups on the importance of international trade and business to our region.