The trade community in Greater Seattle is deeply experienced in helping Washington state companies with their international business needs. The Trade Alliance can connect you to the right resources.

Browse through our list of export-related resources using this database.

Export-related financial services

These organizations can provide information and guidance on how to finance your export activity, including export-related loans and assistance options you may be eligible for.

Distribution and logistics firms

Companies such as Export Management Firms and distributors can help with identifying and connecting with foreign customers. Freight forwarding companies and customs brokers can assist with complying with US customs and shipping procedures.

Public affairs, marketing, and translation firms

Public relations firms can help you cultivate new markets by developing location-specific branding and marketing strategies. Marketing and translation firms can further assist with localizing your products and services to meet the needs of specific markets.

Legal services

The legal community can help with issues such as export licensing, intellectual property rights, tariffs, and more.

Export training

These organizations provide a diverse array of training for companies and individuals who are exporting.