Twenty-Twenty Foresight

The World in Twenty-Twenty Foresight

As part of the Trade Alliance’s 20th anniversary, we are asking local experts to write about our region’s international partners, forecast what they will be like twenty years from now and discuss what the Greater Seattle’s regions relationship with the partner will be like. The Greater Seattle area, the most internationally connected region in the United States, is home to people who have expertise on nearly every part of the globe. We’ll be sharing some of that expertise, and their prognosticative powers, over the coming months.

Check back each month as we add new countries. We begin with Joe Borich, president of the Washington China Relations Council, putting on this Twenty-Twenty Foresight glasses and giving us a view two decades hence on our our region’s largest trading partner, China.

India in 2031, by Jonathan Bensky, Director, South Asia, Pacific NW Advisors, Seattle

Brazil in 2031 ,by Stephen E. Murphy, Senior Advisor, Latin America, Pacific NW Advisors, Seattle in collaboration with Professors Eduardo Marques and Marlos Lima, Fundação Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro

Canada in 2031, by Ian Parker, a Canadian communications consultant living in Seattle

China in 2031, by Joe Borich, president, Washington State China Relations Council