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About Us

Boeing. Microsoft. Amazon. Starbucks. You may already know Greater Seattle more than you realize, home to some of the world’s most famous companies and brands. That’s just the start of why Greater Seattle is so great. Located in Washington State, Greater Seattle is one of the most innovative and internationally-tied regions worldwide. Its thriving economy, strategic location, and quality of life makes Greater Seattle the ideal place to do business, invest, live, learn, and visit.

Innovative Economy

Greater Seattle is home to one of the most creative and dynamic economies in the world. Our companies, research institutions, and universities are global leaders and game changers, having transformed how the world flies, communicates, shops, travels, listens, and even drinks coffee.

To learn more about Greater Seattle’s economy, click here.

Connected to the World

Strategically equidistant by air between Asia and Europe and next door to Canada, Greater Seattle’s location couldn’t be more ideal. Our region excels as a global logistics & trading hub, boasting the 3rd largest container shipping center in North America, 4 foreign trade zones, and a major international airport that hosted more than 37.4 million passengers in 2014. With over 40% of jobs tied to international trade and business, Greater Seattle is the most internationally-connected region in the United States and is your door to the world.

Great Place to Live

Greater Seattle has something to offer everybody. Nestled between two mountain ranges and on the shores of the Puget Sound, Greater Seattle is surrounded by stunning natural beauty and offers endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. The region is also home to a vibrant cultural, food, sports, and arts scene which features award winning symphonies, ballets, museums, theaters, operas, wineries, and restaurants.

Greater Seattle has one of the milder climates in the United States. Although it does rain, many other U.S. states and cities have larger annual total rainfalls.  In the summer, the weather in Greater Seattle is the envy of the nation, with temperatures averaging around 75°F/24°C. 

Learn More

If you want to learn more and visit the Greater Seattle region, please visit our delegation services page.