The sustained presence of companies such as Boeing and Microsoft, the University of Washington, high level of educational attainment and excellent research and educational institutions have developed an immensely skilled workforce in Greater Seattle and Washington state.

High concentration of talent

Greater Seattleā€™s workforce is highly skilled in multiple fields. Our educational attainment levels (37% with a BA or higher) are consistently higher than the US average (28%).

Occupation US Rank
Aerospace engineers #1
Multimedia artists and animators #1
Software developers, applications #1
Architects and engineers #1
Computer programmers #2
Marine engineers & naval architects #2
Fashion designers #3
Materials scientists #3
Medical scientists #3
Source: U.S. Department of Labor, 2011

Education and research

Our colleges and universities cultivate skill and talent, preparing thousands of students for successful careers each year. We are also home to some of the largest, most important research institutions in the US. Students come from all over the world to study in Greater Seattle.

  • Nearly half of the community and technical colleges in Washington state are located in Greater Seattle.
  • The UW regularly receives the highest level of federal funding of all public universities in the US.
  • We possess major research capabilities in cancer, infectious diseases, genetics, oceanography and agriculture.

Explore education

Explore a sampling of our award-winning programs being offered by the many educational institutions in Greater Seattle and Washington state.

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